Visa Assistance

Read More You are excited about the trip you are about to take. You are planning and shopping and packing. But between all this excitement, you have to take a break to do the boring stuff of filling out forms and standing in lines to get a visa. It can be annoying indeed. The Indian Journey is here to give you a great experience every step, and obtaining your visa is part of it! So plan and pack away because, through The Indian Journey's Visa Services, the boring stuff will be taken care of!
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Travel Insurance

Read MoreProblems do not come knocking on the door. Hence, it is important to have a safety net to deal with such situations. But when you are travelling, having a safety net can be tricky. Several things could go wrong like - lost baggage or even accidents. We foresee this problem and provide travel insurance services so that whether you travel in India or abroad, your safety net is with you every step of the way.
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International SIM Card

Read MoreWhether you are travelling for business or leisure, travelling is never not expensive. Sometimes cutting the corners becomes necessary, and staying connected with our loved ones is often affected. The Indian Journey provides an international sim card for all your travels abroad. This means you can stay connected with your loved ones at the local rates of the country you are travelling to! Get International SIM card

Customized Holiday Package

Read MoreOur USP is that we don't just cater for a wide range of travel packages but travel packages that suit your every need. Everyone has a different way of viewing and experiencing the world around them. Giving the same package to everyone means restricting the experience one can have while travelling. With this thought, The Indian Journey came up with a solution for customized travel packages. We will always have a great package for you no matter where you want to go because it will be designed according to your requirements and expectations. Enquiry Holiday package

Theme-based journey

Read MoreHow do you plan a vacation or a trip? By choosing a destination. But what if we tell you that you can choose the experience and we will plan the trip according to your requirement? The Indian Journey provides a service of Theme based Journey. Adventure, peace, romantic getaway or a spiritual journey of self-love and finding purpose. Choose your way, and we will tell you how. Enquiry Theme-based Journey

Air-Ticketing & Hotel Reservations

Read More Our online Air-Ticketing and Hotel Reservations portal provides a one-stop solution to get the best deals on Air ticket and Hotel booking. Along with online portal, we provides sales representative solutions for our clients. For any requirement, you can call our sales representative (24/7), and he will get you most suitable deal available in the market. We're passionate about travel. So when it comes to booking the perfect flight, hotels, vacation rental, resort, apartment or guest house- we've got you covered. With hundreds of thousands of properties available on our website, we provide incomparable choice with a low price guarantee. Book Air ticket & Hotel Reservation

We are the travel planning experts. Let us plan the perfect journey for you!

Tips for travellers

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Reliable Booking System

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