About Company

Travelling is not just about visiting a particular place. It is an experience and later a memory that one carries for a lifetime. The Indian Journey was established with the vision to provide such experiences. We are an inbound and outbound tourism company from India specializing in conducting one of its kind unique journeys across the globe. Every tour by us is crafted to quench travellers' thirst for exploring and experiencing, and non-travellers need to have new and unforgettable experiences. But The Indian Journey is much more than that. Our packages are not just about leisure travels but an opportunity to travel with purpose. Travelling with The Indian Journey means we assist you every step of the way, beginning from the first step of planning. Our wide range of services includes all kinds of assistance that you may need during your travels and your journey of purpose.


Creating an unforgettable travel experience that adds value to travellers' life and touches their souls.


We design journeys that let you connect with the place rather than just visit it. We aim to give a memory that stays for a lifetime.