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India is one of the most fast-growing economies set to become the next super-power of the world. The Socio-Economic tours are aimed at introducing India from a social and economical perspective. These tours are specifically designed for students who would like to understand the Indian economy and socio-cultural life of the country so that they have a fair understanding about the sub continent and how the largest democracy in the world is progressing so rapidly, given its huge size. The tours will help students in shaping the right kinds of views about India and have an unbiased opinion about the country.
Travel to India this will further help the students to explore opportunities for having a economic or cultural relation with India in the future once they embark upon their professional life.

India has witnessed tremendous momentum in trade and commerce in the last decade or so. The country has seen investments from different parts of the world across various industries and segments. The booming Indian market captures the dream of many international companies. Anybody who wishes to work for, or, on behalf of the Indian market should have a good understanding of the country. The socio-economic tours are designed to meet this specific requirement.

This unique initiative of The Indian Journey will merge tourism with studies so that it is a pleasurable as well as a learning experience for the students. Rather than experiencing India through textbooks, they will get a first-hand look and the feel of the country. All important facts and features of the country would be covered in detail so that the student is better equipped to understand the nature of business in India. This direct exposure to a country’s backbone and working style is a very practical and unique aspect of modern education system.

Travel to real India, this tour would be purely educational in nature where the students will have classroom lectures, site visits, practical orientation and culture study. They would be conducted by industry experts would guide the students in the each and every way. The 15-20 days program would be a study vacation for the students in which they would discover India in a never before way.

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We provide a flexible option of designing your own travel as per your preferences.We at the indian journey help you in designing such customized tours including the best of all categories.

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AcroYoga journey begins on 15th June 2016 and Culinary Journey starts on 25th July 2016. Registration has already started. Please fill up the form and begin your best indian journey to live India like never before.

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