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Divine Travel

Spirituality and India go hand in hand. The country is linked to spirituality through its ancient culture and roots. Some of the major religions of the world are rooted back to the Indian soil. Many people say and feel that India is a land of Gods where there are divine spiritual powers to heal the tired mind and soul. Through ages many mystics and sages have travelled to India to find inner meanings of life and unfold hidden treasures stored in our minds. India has always been an answer to the west’s questions on life and spirituality. The country full of different schools of thoughts and religious centers has always attracted people from over the world to seek divinity and to understand real meaning of divine travel.


India is a very service oriented country. Indians believe that service to people is equal to service to God. Service in Hindi is called as “Seva��? and this is the backbone of any Indian religious and spiritual schools. There is an indefinable pleasure in serving the deprived, feeding the poor and sheltering the homeless. No religious journey is complete without “Seva��?. The Indian Journey’s Spiritual Awakening Tour is designed so that you experience this unique Indian way of spirituality with the best divine travel. “Seva��? will remain an integral part of the journey so that you are aware of what you can give back and in return earn peace and contentment. The journey will be a wholesome treat to your body mind and soul. You will be deeply impacted in a positive way so that you can look at life from a different perspective altogether.


The pleasant climatic conditions and the abundance of natural beauty make the country a very attractive destination for spiritual vacations. One feels rejoiced, rejuvenated and content at the end of the journey.

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AcroYoga journey begins on 15th June 2016 and Culinary Journey starts on 25th July 2016. Registration has already started. Please fill up the form and begin your best indian journey to live India like never before.

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