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New Age India (Modern India)

Today's India has transformed itself in leaps and bounds through the great economic reforms of 1991 when it opened itself to the world economy. India has a vibrant economy, which supports international investments and growth. It has one of the largest numbers of English speaking youth in the world who are working on many development projects on the west that are outsourced to India. The country is bustling with economic activity as cities grow to become metros, which are at par with any global cities. At its heart is a country that has something to offer to everybody. Though it has a rich tradition of its own yet it is open to accepting foreign cultures and lifestyle. It's a dynamic country, which has adapted to the inevitable changes that the new age and new technology is bringing. The growing economy driven by multiple strategic advantages of the country esp. it's educated English-speaking population has replaced the typical conservative and cautious mindset with a more consumerist and assertive mindset that is acting as a fuel for further growth in the country. Fashion and Lifestyle has now become a way of life in India with all the famous global brands of cars, apparels, clothes, watches, shoes etc having a thriving presence in India. The new age India is on the threshold of transformation from a developing agriculture-based nation to a developed services and manufacturing based nation with a population that has an open mindset to change for the better.

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