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Indian Geography, History and Heritage

Geographically, India is a peninsula subcontinent surrounded on three sides by water. To the north it is guarded by the world's tallest mountain ranges called the Himalaya. Down south the country's shores are washed by the roaring Indian Ocean. The heartland of the country consists of plains and plateaus, which are rich in vegetation and plantation and wildlife. True to its inherent characteristic, the country houses a mixture of climatic extremes from snow capped mountain ranges in the north to balmy sun kissed weather down south.

Historically, the Indian heritage has seen some of the most advanced civilizations and also some of the most ravaging wars that made deep impacts on the history of modern India. The first traces of human civilization have been observed in the Haddapa and Mohenjadaro civilizations which were based in the Indian subcontinent. The country has been ruled by mighty Hindu Kings, colossal Mughal Emperors and the never fading British Colony. These historical imprints had to contribute a lot to the assorted culture of India and its footprints are still evident in the magnificent remains of the palaces and forts.

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