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In India, food is not only a way to satiate one’s hunger, but it has deeper implications in every Indian’s heart. Food is a celebration, an art and a bond that keeps families and societies together. Indian food is as unique as the country itself. It’s an eruption of different flavors, taste, emotions and a lot of zing. Indian food is one of the most elaborate cuisines spreading its taste across different cooking methods and distinctive exotic ingredients. The flavors have been developed over the years and passed on to the new generation with utmost care so that the richness and exclusivity of taste can be maintained.
Indian food across the country is as diverse as its culture. The taste, ingredients and flavors are unique and varied as one travels from one end of the country to another. Food served in North India is distinctively different to that served in South India. Likewise, as one moves from the East coast to the West coast of the country the taste changes. Some regions are known for their vegetarian delights while some are famous for their seafood cuisines. Indian food is very local in nature and food habits are highly influenced by the local produce, climatic conditions and religious inclinations.
The Indian Journey plans to take you through culinary journey to India where you will explore different tastes, cooking methods, local produce, local ingredients and a mouth lingering aftertaste. You will also learn about some of the most alluring Indian recipes, know about the medicinal benefits of plants and herbs and carry with you a wide variety of the signature spices and local ingredients back home. Overall the journey will open your mind along with your taste buds. You will experience a burst of taste as you travel from one corner of the country to another. This is a very unique way to capture India.

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We provide a flexible option of designing your own travel as per your preferences.We at the indian journey help you in designing such customized tours including the best of all categories.

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AcroYoga journey begins on 15th June 2016 and Culinary Journey starts on 25th July 2016. Registration has already started. Please fill up the form and begin your best indian journey to live India like never before.

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Limited seats available for our upcoming journeys. Please register yourself as soon as possible.Get a booking for group of 5 members and get attractive discounts.

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